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Audiobook Review: Found by Harlan Coben

Found is the third entry in the Mickey Bolitar young adult series by author Harlan Coben. You can read my review of the first book here and the second book here. So, how does Found stack up to the other two novels and is it worth your time? Read on to find out.

To give you some background on the premise of this novel, below is the publisher’s summary:

From internationally best-selling author Harlan Coben comes this third action-packed installment of his best-selling young adult series.

It’s been eight months since Mickey Bolitar witnessed the shocking, tragic death of his father. Eight months of lies, dark secrets, and unanswered questions. While he desperately wants answers, Mickey’s sophomore year of high school brings on a whole new set of troubles. Spoon is in the hospital, Rachel won’t tell him where he stands, his basketball teammates hate him…and then there’s Ema’s surprise announcement: She has an online boyfriend, and he’s vanished.

As he’s searching for Ema’s missing boyfriend (who may not even exist!), Mickey also gets roped into helping his nemesis, Troy Taylor, with a big problem. All the while, Mickey and his friends are pulled deeper into the mysteries surrounding the Abeona Shelter, risking their lives to find the answers – until the shocking climax, where Mickey finally comes face-to-face with the truth about his father.

As with the first and second book in this trilogy, Nick Podehl handles the narration, which I’m happy about because he is perfect for this series. His youthful sound and ability to not overact makes sure that he never gets in the way of the story. Thankfully, the narrative being told is excellent. As with the first two entries in this highly enjoyable series, Found has terrific characters, high stakes, conflict, mystery, intrigue, and unexpected but satisfying developments.

Found by Harlan Coben is absolutely worth checking out, if you enjoy young adult mysteries, and especially if you read the first two books in this series and liked them. I wholeheartedly recommend the audiobook version, as it is perfectly produced and a wonderful listening experience. If you’re interested in getting this audiobook along with the other two in the series, you can do so here. Happy listening!

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