Jonathan Cain Releases Oh Lord Lead Us EP

When I interviewed Jonathan Cain back in July, he mentioned that a new EP was coming. It has arrived. Today, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Journey band member unleashed upon the world a collection of six spectacular songs, including the title track: “Oh Lord Lead Us.” Read on for more details, videos, and more.

From Identity Records with distribution by The Fuel Music, this EP precedes Cain’s upcoming and sixth solo album in as many years (release date to be announced) and continues this iconic artist’s offerings of faith-inspired new music.

Following the release of his biggest solo hit to date with the title track “Oh Lord Lead Us,” which was featured by American Songwriter, The 700 Club, ABC Audio, Worship Leader, Ultimate Classic Rock, and many more media outlets, Cain’s new EP is a beautifully crafted musical invitation to prayer, renewal, and commitment.

“It’s not just ‘I go to church,’ it’s a love exchange, a love surrender,” shares Cain, who leads worship weekly at City Of Destiny where his wife, Paula White-Cain, is the Senior Pastor. “We have a 24/7 God, and every year we need to reestablish a covenant with our faith and recommit with praise, worship and prayer. The more you can commit, the more blessed you will be.”

“There’s a conversation going on up there as sound waves roll across the land,” thought Cain as he watched a recent storm near his home in Florida. “You can feel the earth shake, the ground beneath your feet rolling. It’s one of the only places you can see power like that. This is a way that God can get to us, how He got to me. Next time people hear a thunderstorm, I hope they think of this song.”

Roll on, roll on

Mighty waves that shake the ground

Roll on, roll on

Move with glorious sound

Beautiful Thunder

(From “Beautiful Thunder” chorus)

Produced by Cain, mixed by David Kalmusky (Justin Bieber, The Fray, Keith Urban), mastered by GRAMMY Award-winning Adam Ayan (Paul McCartney, Carrie Underwood, Foo Fighters), Oh Lord Lead Us was recorded at Cain’s state-of-the-art Addiction Sound Studios in Nashville with select parts done remotely.

The full Oh Lord Lead Us EP track listing follows:

1.) Oh Lord Lead Us

2.) Pray to the Father

3.) Worship Our Way

4.) Beautiful Thunder

5.) Something Greater

6.) No One But You Jesus

Every song on this EP is a winner, but my favorite might be “Pray to the Father” because it’s such a beautiful song. With delicate, melodic piano and a chorus that I found myself singing along with immediately, it’s a masterpiece of music. “No One But You Jesus” is also a stellar song, featuring an infectious level of positivity that cannot be denied. I absolutely adore this song, and I’m constantly inspired by the quality and quantity of music that Jonathan Cain has produced in recent years. It’s quite incredible.

Oh Lord Lead Us is a fantastic EP that everyone should buy, stream, and enjoy. The heavenly compositions contained within will take you to a higher place through their beautiful lyrics, harmonious arrangements, and sublime production. Listen, savor, and God bless.

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