Book Review — It Should Not Happen In America by Richard Scrushy

Richard Scrushy is the founder and CEO of HealthSouth, a pioneering and influential healthcare service provider during the time that Scrushy was at the helm of this organization. In 2003, the SEC took action against Scrushy, claiming that he directed company employees to falsely report earnings to meet stockholder expectations. Scrushy was acquitted of all charges in 2005. Unfortunately, Scrushy was dragged into another trial shortly after proving his innocence in the first one. This time around, the deck was stacked against him. More than 15 years after that first trial, Richard Scrushy has written and released a book detailing both of those trials, how he was unfairly preyed upon by unscrupulous individuals, and how the justice system is broken. Is this book worth your time? Read on for my thoughts.

I interviewed Richard Scrushy about his new book in June 2021, after interviewing him numerous times for a book I’m writing about the history of TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. You might be wondering how Richard Scrushy and HealthSouth are related to professional wrestling, so let me explain. Jeff Jarrett, the founder of TNA Wrestling, was looking for investors in his promotion. Richard Scrushy, who worked with numerous athletes through HealthSouth, including professional wrestlers, liked Jeff’s business plan and provided TNA with a line of credit to fund operations. This relationship fell apart several months in. I will detail everything related to this in my book, so stay tuned for that in the years to come.

When I interviewed Richard, he came off as genuine, kind, and intelligent. The reason why . . . is because he is! As far as I’m concerned, he’s a man of integrity and someone I’m proud to call my friend. After reading his illuminative book, I have even more respect for him. I’m also very sorry that Richard and his family had to go through hell. But I’m glad they are all doing well and in a happier place. If anything, their trials made them stronger and more grateful for life’s blessings.

It Should Not Happen In America is a captivating story about the American dream and the American nightmare. It depicts a blistering ascension to success, a tyrannical application of the law to rob someone of his well-earned fame and fortune, and that individual’s unrelenting will and faith carrying him through the entire ordeal only to come out stronger. It’s a story that made me think, ‘What if I were in this situation? How would I deal with a crisis of this magnitude?’

I firmly believe that Richard Scrushy is innocent of anything he’s ever been charged with. When you read his book, you will too. Having spoken with the man at length about business, life, and the adversity he’s had to overcome, I can attest to his character, empathy, and honesty. The following wonderful quote is included in Richard’s book: “When the law is disregarded to better pursue the guilty, it is also taken away from the innocent.” I can’t think of a better way to summarize the miscarriage of justice that befell Richard Scrushy and his family. I implore you to read his book to learn the truth and to better know this remarkable man.

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