Channel Fight Masterclass Secures Tier 1 Distribution on FITE TV 24/7

Channel Fight Masterclass, the world’s first OTT channel dedicated to the instruction of martial arts and self-defencewith 1.6 million social media followers announces expansion of its distribution onto FITE TV’s premium global FAST streaming platform for combat sports & entertainment FITE 24/7.

The arrangement brings Channel Fight Masterclass to a global audience courtesy of FITE 24/7’s s distribution on all the major OTT platforms including The Roku Channel, Samsung, Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Redbox, PLEX, Vix and Univision’s PrendeTV as well as via leading AVOD OTT streaming channel platforms such as XUMO, LG, and numerous SVOD players and FITE’s apps including LG Marketplace RAD!, Sports.TV, Viva Live TV, Select TV, Zingo, Giniko USA, Glewed, KlowdTV, and TeleUp.

In parallel, Channel Fight Masterclass announces the addition to its roster of three of the world’s top martial arts instructors. Internationally renowned names who will be recording original exclusive content for distribution onChannel Fight Masterclass’s OTT network of platformsinclude:

Kevin Chan, founder and master of Kamon Martial Artsin the UK is a 4 stripe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt underProfessor Mauricio Motta Gomes (father of Professor Roger Gracie) and is an internationally recognised expert in self-defence. In 2013 he was ranked 15th in Martial Arts Illustrated’s poll of the World’s Top 100 Martial Artists.

Kevin Chan said: “Channel Fight Masterclass offers instructors like me a unique and compelling proposition – ad revenue from Channel Fight’s streaming plus free promotion to their 1.8 million social media followers.”

Also producing exclusive instructional video content for Channel Fight Masterclass are:

Jeff Chan, the founder of MMA SHREDDED an online training platform (500,000 social media followers) is a professional MMA fighter currently competing in the ONE Championship in Asia. He is a certified Kru in Muay Thai.

Matt Bryers, the founder of TRITAC MARTIAL ARTS, a fighting system that focuses upon “the flow of combat” incorporating Jiu Jitsu, weapons defence and combatives. He is a a 3rd Dan Kobukai Ju-Jitsu black belt and has trained in Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Unarmed Combatives, Kyokushin Karateand Wrestling for over 30 years.

Peter Einstein, Board Chairman of Channel FightMasterclass and former senior Viacom (now Paramount) exec said, “The inclusion of Channel Fight Masterclass on FITE 24/7’s Tier 1 FAST platforms and apps will bring martial arts and self-defence instruction to a global audience of combat enthusiasts as well as to more casual viewers seeking entertainment.”

Russell Hart, Director of Channel Fight Masterclass added;“We are truly excited to be moving into this next phase of producing exclusive TV-quality martial arts instruction in conjunction with some of the very best fight instructors in their respective disciplines.”

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