Get Smart: How to Think and Act Like the Most Successful and Highest-Paid People in Every Field

Internationally-acclaimed business guru, speaker, author, and productivity expert Brian Tracy is one of the best on the planet. I’ve read many of his books, with the most recent one being Get Smart! Read on for my thoughts on this book.

Publisher’s Summary

An accessible guide on training the brain to work effortlessly in your favor—from the international bestselling author of the productivity classic Eat That Frog In business and in life, you must be smart to get ahead. As things shift and change quickly, you need to tap into your brain—learn how to think smartly—in order to make sure that you maximize your opportunities. In Get Smart!, internationally-acclaimed business guru, speaker, author, and productivity expert Brian Tracy has laid the groundwork on how to easily reconfigure your negative thinking patterns and habits, and reprogram your brain to achieve its maximum potential. In this invaluable book, readers will encounter: · The latest brain research on how to think, in order to get results · Practical, easy-to-understand advice and immediately actionable steps and exercises · How to train the brain to think correctly and help to create a brilliant future · Tapping in to the power of positive thinking · How to harness the true potential of the human mind · And so much more Whether your goal is making more sales, coming up with better business plans, or simply finding ways to make extra money or have more residual income, this book will serve as your personal express elevator going straight to the top!

My Thoughts

Brian Tracy is one of the most engaging, practical, and no-nonsense self-help gurus. I thoroughly enjoy hearing him speak about the habits of the successful and wealthy and how I can adopt those practices to improve my life. That’s why I jumped at the chance to listen to Get Smart as part of my Scribd subscription.

I read a lot — at least 50 books a year — and more than one book at a time, often five or six. While I love to read great thriller, mystery, or horror novels, I balance them out with autobiographies, business, and self-help books. Self-education is essential for continued self-development. And Brian Tracy is one of the best to listen to because his advice is solid and his books are short. So, there’s no excuse not to listen to them.

Get Smart is one of Brian Tracy’s best books. Listening to it made me reflect on my own behaviors, habits, and practices, thinking of numerous ways I can improve. I’m certain you’ll feel the same way reading this book and encourage you to do so.

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