What is something you learned recently?

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What is something you learned recently? Read on for my answer to this question, and let me know yours.

I think it’s essential to constantly learn new things because being intellectually curious is a sign of intelligence, and it increases your ability to be compassionate. Think about it. If you continue to seek out new information about whatever it is you find interesting, your satisfaction grows as you attain more intelligence about that topic. As you expand the diversity of topics you educate yourself on, the more well-rounded and well-informed you become, providing you with numerous perspectives you otherwise would not have. This enhanced understanding of the world around you means you will feel compassion and understanding for the plight of others. We have enough hate in this world. We need more kindness. Education is the path to achieving that goal.

So, what is something I learned recently? Every day, here on my website, I share the Merriam-Webster Word of the Day. I do this because I love words. Not only do I find their definitions interesting, but I understand that choosing the correct word goes a long way in achieving your communicative goals. Have you ever seen someone constantly trying to come up with the appropriate word to complete a sentence? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have that ongoing struggle? Instead, you can be the person who offers that individual the word they are seeking.

One of the recent words I learned was wangle. I have never read or heard this word before. It sounds like wrangle, but clearly, it’s not the same word. Wangle means to get by devious means. What a cool word! I love reading on my Kindle for countless reasons, one of which is that it allows me to highlight words and see their definition. You can call me a word nerd.

How about you? What is something you learned recently? It can be big or small; it doesn’t matter. Did you learn a recipe, how to fish, or how to put your baby to sleep? Maybe you learned some odd trivia or how to drive a stick-shift car. Whatever it is, keep on learning. Education leads to a longer, more fulfilling, and compassionate life.

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