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With ManilowTV, you can experience an exciting treasure trove of Barry Manilow concerts, one-time-only benefits, award evenings, private shows, rehearsals, and many more. Below is a letter from Barry about what’s new this month on ManilowTV. Enjoy!

Hi Everyone,

This month’s MTV comes from a show in the UK that was part of a tour that we called “Live 2002”. 

It was a very unique show, because of how many new songs we did.

Of course, I was very apprehensive about performing 9 songs that most of the audiences had never heard. 

But bless my audiences because they always responded excitedly for each song.

We did three from “Harmony” and Six from “Here At The Mayflower”!

The rest were familiar songs, but still, for audiences not to throw tomatoes at me was a miracle!

We also did our UK Dance Medley, which rocked the joints!



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