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With ManilowTV, you can experience an exciting treasure trove of Barry Manilow concerts, one-time-only benefits, award evenings, private shows, rehearsals, and many more. Below is a letter from Barry about what’s new this month on ManilowTV. Enjoy!

Hi Everyone,

As promised, this month we air Act 2 of this wonderful show from the Concord Pavilion outside San Francisco in 1999.

Act 2 starts off with the orchestra playing a powerful overture of songs from my latest album, “Manilow Sings Sinatra” followed by a few songs from that album. I just loved singing those great songs being accompanied by a powerhouse band.

One of my favorite moments of that tour was showcasing the orchestra and suggesting that parents give their kids music lessons.

During “I Made It Through The Rain” I showcase a few instruments in the orchestra. It always moved me. 

The audience was so great, we did an encore. “Forever And A Day”.


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