Is An Audible Premium Plus Annual Membership Worth It In 2023?

Audio-based entertainment and education platforms have become incredibly popular as we live in an increasingly digital world. One such service is Audible, a prominent provider of audiobooks, podcasts, and many other audio materials. In 2023, Audible offers two main plans: Premium Plus Monthly and Premium Plus Annual. Considering the pricing and benefits of these plans, the question is, is an Audible Premium Plus Annual membership worth it? Let’s dive into the details to answer this question.

Pricing Comparison: Annual Plan Vs. Monthly Plan

Firstly, let’s examine the costs of these two plans. The Annual Premium Plus membership gives you 24 credits a year, priced at $229.50, which equates to approximately $9.56 per credit. In contrast, the Monthly Premium Plus plan costs $14.95 a month, providing one monthly credit. This equals about $179.40 a year, with each credit costing $14.95.

From a per-credit perspective, the annual plan offers better value for money. The cost per credit is significantly cheaper with the annual plan ($9.56) compared to the monthly plan ($14.95). This can lead to substantial savings for voracious listeners.

Membership Benefits

The Premium Plus membership, whether monthly or annual, comes with several benefits:

  1. 24 Credits a Year: This means you can buy any 24 titles from Audible’s premium selection to keep, regardless of the individual prices of these titles. This provides much flexibility and allows you to choose based on your interest rather than price.
  2. Exclusive Deals and Discounts: Members have access to exclusive deals and discounts on Audible’s inventory that can result in substantial savings on top of the included credits.
  3. Access to the Plus Catalog: This is a selection of thousands of Audible Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts, including exclusive series. This vast library of content provides plenty of options for your listening pleasure.

The Final Verdict

Whether the Audible Premium Plus Annual Membership is worth it depends on your listening habits. If you are an avid audiobook listener who goes through more than a book a month, the annual membership plan’s cost per credit makes it a worthwhile investment. The added benefits, such as exclusive deals, discounts, and access to the Plus Catalog, add value to the annual membership.

The monthly plan’s flexibility could be safer for casual listeners or those unsure about their listening habits. Ultimately, the value of the membership is highly subjective and depends on the user’s preferences and listening habits.

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