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With ManilowTV, you can experience an exciting treasure trove of Barry Manilow concerts, one-time-only benefits, award evenings, private shows, rehearsals, and many more. Below is a letter from Barry about what’s new this month on ManilowTV. Enjoy!

Hi everyone.

This was one of my favorite tours!

It was in support of my 1991 “Showstoppers” album, which was a
tribute to the Broadway Musical.

Luckily, we have this video from Montreal on October 4, 1991 as a
great representation of this show.

I worked with the great Ken and Mitzie Welch to write and stage the
shows and had a cast of amazing singers and dancers perform with
me, including my dear friend Debra Byrd, Michelle Nicastro, Donna
Cherry, Craig A. Meyer and the wonderful Kye Brackett, who is with
me to this day!

In addition to my own Pop Songs, we put together a show that paid
tribute to the Broadway Musical.

With “Harmony” finally coming to Broadway in the fall, the airing
of this great show is all the more meaningful for me…

Hope you enjoy it.



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