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With ManilowTV, you can experience an exciting treasure trove of Barry Manilow concerts, one-time-only benefits, award evenings, private shows, rehearsals, and many more. Below is a letter from Barry about what’s new this month on ManilowTV. Enjoy!

Hi Everyone,
This month we air a wonderful show from the Concord Pavilion in the Bay Area in 1999.

We were on our Summer Tour of sheds and we had a wonderful orchestra
with us.

The tour before this one was the “Clicker” tour, one of my favorite concepts.

A year later, you’ll see that this show is entirely different! We’re all so committed to giving audiences the best shows we’re able to do, that we created a totally different show.

The crowd is having a great time and frankly, so are we. 

One of the highlights is “Every Single Day” from “Harmony”. At that point we thought the show was coming into New York, and I mention that, but once again, it wasn’t to be.

We had to wait until this year. Finally!

The Concord’s camera work is terrific. And the set list is great.
We did two acts during that tour, so this month we’re giving you Act 1. Next month we’ll air Act 2.

Act I is a real entertaining hour. “Can’t Smile” with a member of the audience, some Big Band songs and the accordion!

Enjoy friends, 

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