007: James Bond Turns 50

The name’s Bond, James Bond, and he turns 50 this year with the release of Skyfall in U.S. theaters on November 9. Daniel Craig, the sixth man to play James Bond, will reprise the role for what’s sure to be another edge-of-your-seat action film. To celebrate five decades of Bond, this fall will see the release of the entire film franchise on Blu-ray as well as the new video game 007 Legends. Furthermore, you can smell like Bond with the recently released fragrance James Bond 007, and starting September 28, Christie’s is having an online auction featuring Bond memorabilia.

The eternal debate among fans of the films is who was the best Bond? Many argue Sean Connery, but my favorites – because picking one is too hard – include Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Who’s your favorite Bond? Vote in the poll below and make your voice heard.

Below is an excellent, fan-made video compiling 50 of the greatest moments from the franchise. It’s a treat to watch, so enjoy.

I was glad to hear that Daniel Craig signed on to be Bond for at least two more films. Below is the trailer for the upcoming film, Skyfall.

5 thoughts on “007: James Bond Turns 50

  1. This is a tough one. I’m going to have to go with Pierce Brosnan, with the runners-up being between Connery and Moore. I can’t believe it’s been 50 years for the Bond franchise! I’ll admit I was sceptical about Daniel Craig being casted as Bond, probably because I grew up with Brosnan and I was so used to him. But Craig has breathed a new life into the franchise, and has done an amazing job. Here’s to two more movies with him!

    • Thanks for liking, voting and commenting, Wes.

      I grew up watching Pierce as Bond, so I have a soft spot for him too. And like you, I didn’t have high hopes for Daniel Craig, but he knocked it out of the park with Casino Royale. Quantum of Solace was also good, but not nearly as captivating; it felt like a continuation of Casino Royale and seemed to lack the emotion of it’s predecessor. That being said, I can’t wait to see how Daniel Craig evolves as Bond over the next few films.

      • I watched the Quantum of Solace again last night, and I found that Daniel Craig did a tremendous job portraying Bond. And you’re absolutely right, it’ll be really neat to see how the franchise evolves even more as Craig takes the role for years to come.

  2. This is, for me, an easy choice – Roger Moore. I loved him as Bond, and he gets bonus points for actually being English, too. Perhaps the quality of him as Bond was further emphasised for me given what I felt were disappointing performances in Dalton and Lazenby before and after him.

    Saying that, I’ve enjoyed Craig as our new Bond, even if I found Quantum of Solace pretty poor and not what I had come to expect of a Bond film, I loved Casino Royale. Still, I can’t wait for Skyfall, it’s looking very promising. Here’s to more Daniel Craig!

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion, and what a great choice! I thought Roger Moore was terrific and did a wonderful job portraying Bond as a ladies’ man. My favorite film with him was “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

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