Review: The Divorcees Club

The Divorcees ClubToday my girlfriend and I went to go see The Divorcees Club at Penn’s Landing Playhouse. This production marks the U.S. premier of the incredibly successful French comedy Le Clan des Divorcees, which has been seen by over three million people since it debuted 10 years ago.

While at the start of the show the characters felt a bit stereotypical, as it progressed they became more well developed and endearing. The jokes also didn’t knock me out right away, but halfway through I was crying from laughter, especially during a point in the show involving an English cucumber and a character known as Mr. Dickman.

The Divorcees Club is a fun little play with a talented cast, especially Stephen Croce who plays Bridget. His onstage antics and over-the-top delivery had me cracking up at multiple points throughout the show, and the other two actresses (Kellie Cooper and Aileen Goldberg) were also very entertaining. While I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going in and the beginning of the play didn’t grab me like I expected, by the end I was laughing and smiling.

If you have a chance to see The Divorcees Club, I recommend you do so. It’s playing now through March 22 at Penn’s Landing Playhouse, and tickets can be bought here.

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