Meeting Burt Young & Dr. Ruth

IMG_6993Last Saturday I decided to do the Rocky Run for the first time, mainly because of the cool-looking medals everyone received for completing the 10k run/walk, which you can see in the image below. It’s also worth noting that the money raised by this sold-out event benefited the Special Olympics. IMG_5531I also learned a few days prior to the Rocky Run that Burt Young, the actor best known for playing Paulie in the Rocky films, was going to be doing an art show in Atlantic City the same night as the run/walk. So, I thought to myself: why not do the Rocky Run and then meet an actor from the film franchise in the same day?FullSizeRender (46) (1)Burt was very nice and after my girlfriend took of photo of us together, he said: “Now I want to get a photo with the pretty girl.” And I took a photo of her and Burt. His artwork was interesting, and the art gallery was beautiful. All in all, it was a fun and eventful day. IMG_6997Just a few days after meeting Burt Young, I met another celebrity, the 87-year-old sex therapist and pop culture icon Dr. Ruth. She was at the National Museum of American Jewish History being interviewed by a WHYY reporter about her incredible life and career.FullSizeRender (51)The reporter’s discussion with Dr. Ruth was enlightening because I didn’t know much about her background. It was inspiring to hear about the difficult times Dr. Ruth overcame to accomplish what she has. And, as expected, she delivered these stories with the energy and high-pitched voice she’s known for. FullSizeRender (50)After the event, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Ruth, get a photo with her and have her sign a copy of her new book for me. She was as nice as could be and asked me what line of work I’m in. In addition to telling her about my full-time career, I mentioned that I minored in Sociology as an undergrad and that I found her work to be interesting. FullSizeRender (49)Meeting two wildly different celebrities – Burt Young and Dr. Ruth – within a few days of each other was terrific. Both events were enjoyable and informative, and both celebrities were kind and gracious. You can’t ask for more than that.

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