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Night Ranger: Don’t Let Up

night_ranger_dlu_cover_hiNight Ranger, one of the most underrated melodic rock bands of all time, is set to release its 12th studio album on March 24: Don’t Let Up. As the title suggests, this album doesn’t let up. It’s filled to the brim with hard-rocking songs that are laden with soaring vocals, blistering guitar riffs and more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box.

Jack BladesI saw Night Ranger live for the first time on KISS Kruise III and they were amazing. Since then, I’ve been a huge fan of the band. All of Night Ranger’s albums, including the band’s most recent ones, have been just fantastic. Night Ranger is still firing on all cylinders, and Don’t Let Up is a testament to the band’s enduring presence and seemingly endless creativity.

Some of my favorite tracks from Don’t Let Up include “Somehow Someway,” “Don’t Let Up” and “Comfort Me.” Nearly every song is a winner, so you can’t go wrong with Don’t Let Up. It’s a potent collection of music from one of rock and roll’s most talented and prolific bands. You should absolutely pick up a copy when the album drops on March 24.

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