Fall Video Game Highlights

There are a wealth of great games on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Here’s what I’m playing right now.

Super Beat Sports is a collection of five sports-themed mini games with a twist – everything is musical. That means that you’ll need to swing, volley, and score to the music in order to come out on top. Think of it as a blend of Wii Sports and Dance Dance Revolution. It’s a vibrant, charming, musical game that’s really fun to play. And, right now, it’s $14.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop, which is a fair price, considering all of the content that’s packed into this game.The JackBox Party Pack games are loads of fun. As far as I’m concerned, they are the best multiplayer games available on Nintendo Switch. Each entry in this series features multiple games and you don’t need to worry about controllers because players use their smartphones to interact with these wild and wacky games. The Jackbox Party Pack 4 continues this tradition with five-and-a-half games that are sure to please all of your friends and family. Right now, this game is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $24.99.In the world of Plantera you grow your own garden and breed plants and animals to earn coins with their produce. Use the coins to buy new plants and animals, and also special items and garden expansions. This deluxe version on Nintendo Switch features a new animal, as well as Christmas mode and a bigger garden. It’s a strange but charming game, and the music is beautiful. Also, at $4.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop, it’s affordably priced.Remember my review of Squareboy for Nintendo Switch? Well, now you can own this game on Nintendo 3DS too! It currently retails for $4.99 and might be worth considering, if you’ve yet to pick up a Nintendo Switch and are looking for a new game to try on your 3DS.

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