Paul Stanley’s Art Show

This past Saturday was a great day. I got to meet Paul Stanley at his art show and have him autograph my cover story interview with him, which was published last week in The Aquarian Weekly. When I showed Paul the cover he said to me, “You also interviewed my son, Evan.” Considering how many people he meets on a daily basis, it was awesome to know that Paul remembered me and my work. I introduced him to my wife, and the three of us took a photo together. Then, Paul and I took a photo together and he held up the cover story, which I didn’t realize he was doing when the photo was taken.

I’ve met Paul Stanley before but this may have been the most special meeting thus far. When I asked him if he’d personalize the autograph he said, “Absolutely!” And when he was deciding which color marker to sign with I told him, “Use whichever one you think will look best.” Paul Stanley has always been my favorite member of KISS, and I ended our discussion by saying, “Thank you again for doing the interview with me. It was an honor.”

After shaking Paul’s hand and saying goodbye, I spent time looking at his impressive art and chatting with fans. A funny story came out of this. One of the fans told me that he and a few guys thought that because I was led to the front of the line, that I must be the CEO of Wentworth Gallery. Ha! I told him, “No, I just had the opportunity to interview Paul, and I’m here to meet him and get my cover story signed.” Paul’s publicist held up my cover story for people to see and told everyone how great it was and that I wrote it. She also spent time speaking with me and my wife, and it was great getting to know her better. All in all, it was a fabulous experience that ranks right up there with interviewing Barry Manilow and having him be my first cover story; and it reaffirmed my appreciation for The Starchild.

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  1. Great story, thanks for sharing. I brought two of my kids to their first KISS show a few years ago. Never imagined I’d say that years ago.

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