Review: Marble It Up!

Marble It Up! is the newest 3D platformer from the minds behind the Marble Blast series. World-class level design, buttery smooth controls, outstanding visual fidelity, and unmatched rolling physics are just the beginning of the best marbling experience yet! Available for Nintendo Switch and Steam, this excellent game is both easily accessible and challenging to master, making for a compelling gaming experience that provides players with countless hours of entertainment.

I have fond memories of playing Marble Blast Ultra on XBOX 360, so I was thrilled to hear that the people who developed that game are behind Marble It Up! This game is not only just as good as Marble Blast Ultra, it surpasses it when it comes to every single detail. The graphics are beautiful, the soundtrack is awesome, and the level design is spectacular. Furthermore, the physics of the marbles, as well as the way they look and sound as they roll across the various surfaces in the levels, is perfect. It really is the ultimate marble platforming game.

Marble It Up! is my current favorite game on Nintendo Switch, and you should absolutely buy it. I showed it to several of my friends and they were blown away by the game and asked me for additional details. They were also on the edge of their seats as they watched me try and traverse tricky terrain to gather gems so I could beat a specific level.

For $19.99, you can’t go wrong with Marble It Up! It’s a beautiful, challenging, and thoroughly satisfying experience that is well worth the price of admission. Better yet, the developers have released numerous updates, adding new levels, marbles, and more to this wonderful game. Whether you’re looking for a fantastic game to apply your speedrunning skills to or if you’re simply looking for a great platforming experience, Marble It Up! has you covered.