Audible Review: Darker Than Amber by John D. MacDonald

The seventh book in the Travis McGee series, Darker Than Amber is another solid, straight-forward mystery from John D. MacDonald. According to the description, “Travis McGee never shies away from damsels in distress. But this Eurasian beauty was different. When Travis and Meyer rescued her from the water, she had a block of cement wired to her feet, and she wasn’t so much grateful as ready to snare them in a murder racket to end all murders.” Published in 1966, this novel is still an enjoyable read, especially the Audible Original version.

Fans of modern-day mysteries and thrillers may find that this book is a little slow. Rather than think of it as slow, I like to think that it’s methodical and deliberate in its pacing. If you’re looking for a novel that moves at breakneck speed, look elsewhere. What you’re provided with here is a well-written and intriguing tale that’s effectively narrated.

Darker Than Amber was adapted for film in 1970, illustrating just how successful and influential the Travis McGee books were and are. If you’re looking for an enjoyable audiobook to listen to this fall, then Darker Than Amber is an Audible Original you should check out.

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