Audible Review: One Fearful Yellow Eye

One Fearful Yellow Eye, which is a strange title for a book, is about extortion. To be more specific, it’s about extorting $600,000 from a dying man. The victim of this extortion is the husband of Travis McGee’s ex-girlfriend. Set in Chicago, this mystery is a nice change of pace for the series.

Many of McGee’s adventures take place in Florida. Having this one set in Chicago is a welcome change. After all, this is the eighth book in the series. It’s best to toss in some variety to keep things interesting for fans of the series, as well as newcomers.

The narrator, as always, does a fine job with guiding the listener through a well-woven tale of mystery and intrigue. I don’t want to get into many more details because that would spoil the story. However, I will say this: if you’ve enjoyed other books in this series, you’ll like this one. It’s another solid read.

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