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Audible Review — Ghostbusters: The Original Movie Novelizations Omnibus

I grew up watching and loving Ghostbusters. I watched both movies countless times, enamored by the spectacle of both feature films — replete with stunning visuals, quirky humor, and panache. This led to me also watching the animated cartoon and playing the Ghostbusters video games on my Nintendo Entertainment System, which were, admittedly, horrible and insanely difficult, but when you’re a kid you don’t know any better and appreciate things for what they are, not what they aren’t.

When I saw that Audible had a novelization of the first two films as part of one audiobook collection, I knew I had to give it a go. Back when these movies came out, novelizations of films was a regular occurance. I’ve always enjoyed novelizations, whether they be of movies or video games, because they provide fans with a more detailed account of the stories we love.

Johnny Heller narrates both of these books, and he does so masterfully. I especially like his portrayal of Rick Mornis’ character because I think he nails his voice perfectly. Even when he’s not trying to do a specific voice, the narrator’s sound is unique and powerful, creating a pleasing listening experience.

At nearly eight hours in length, this audiobook is long enough to be satisfying but not so long that it intimidates. As with the movies, the first one is better than the second. However, both have plenty of good times to offer. These stories are essentially an audio form of the films, but with additional details that help paint a more vivid picture. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting Ghostbusters I & II through this excellent Audible audiobook.

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