Audiobook Review: Brain Droppings by George Carlin

Released in 1997, Brain Droppings was the second book authored by iconic comedian George Carlin. Luckily for fans, not only was it released in print form but it also got the audiobook treatment, featuring narration by George himself. Below is my review of this audiobook.

Publisher’s Summary

The thinking person’s comic who uses words as weapons, George Carlin shares all-new, cutting-edge opinion and observational humor in this best seller. Carlin demolishes everyday values and leaves you laughing out loud. Learn what he thinks of sports fans, how he would improve the TV networks, his suggestions for “Legal Murder Once a Month,” and his plan for “World Peace Through Dancing.” Performed by Carlin himself, and filled with thoughts, musings, questions, lists, beliefs, curiosities, monologues, assertions, assumptions, and other verbal ordeals, Brain Droppings is infectiously funny.

My Thoughts

This is the first George Carlin book that I ever bought. I had already watched many of his HBO TV specials, listened to his albums, and was looking for more George Carlin to sink my teeth into. Reading Brain Droppings back in the 1990s was a joy! It was filled with some of George’s most classic routines, as well as new musings and observations that made me laugh until it hurt. Years later, as I listen back to the audiobook version of Brain Droppings using the Downpour app, I can’t believe how funny this material still is; and hearing George read it to me makes for an even more delightful experience. It’s a glorious time capsule that everyone should take the time to listen to more than once.

Our world seems to constantly be riddled with bad news that can bring you down. If you need something to lift you up out of the emotional gravity of real life, I urge you to listen to Brain Droppings by George Carlin. It’s a glorious piece of comedic genius that is still as potent today as it was upon its release in 1997. George Carlin may be gone, but his spirit lives on and always will.

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