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Audiobook Review: Halloween

Halloween Kills, the sequel to Halloween (2018), is now in theaters and available to watch at home on Peacock. If you haven’t already done so, read (and watch) my review here. The audiobook adaptation of the novelization of Halloween Kills is now available too, as an Audible exclusive for the first 90 days. I’m currently listening to that audiobook, so, in the meantime, I’m going to share with you my review of the one that preceded it, written by John Passarella and performed by Emily Sutton-Smith.

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Review: Taste by Stanley Tucci

Having watched and enjoyed Stanley Tucci’s show Searching For Italy, I was very excited to listen to him narrate his new audiobook, which is a food-focused memoir. Is it worth the price of admission? Read on for my thoughts.

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Man Up by Bedros Keuilian

Yesterday, I finished listening to the audiobook version of Man Up by Bedros Keuilian. It’s an inspirational book that is part self-help and part memoir, but is it any good? Read on for my thoughts.

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Taking Shape: Developing Halloween From Script To Scream

Halloween Kills, the next entry in the legendary Halloween movie franchise, is right around the corner. So, let’s dive into my thoughts on Taking Shape: Developing Halloween From Script To Scream — a chronological and comprehensive analysis of the entire Halloween series up until this point.

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Audible Prime Day Deal

Today, Amazon announced that Prime Day is October 13 and 14. If you’re an audiobook lover like me, you’ll be happy to hear that Audible is getting in on the action with a $50 discount on its annual membership!

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Audible Launches Audible Plus

I love Audible and audiobooks! Every day I’m listening to a new chapter in an audiobook using my Audible app, as it’s a great way to be productive while doing chores around the house. Audible also comes in handy while taking a walk, driving, or when you simply want to wind down at the end of the day. You can even get your morning off on the right foot by listening to a newspaper, such as The Wall Street Journal, with Audible. The options are endless, and with the newly launched Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus service Audible has gotten even better.

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Why Did James Patterson’s BookShots Fail?

On June 7, 2016, I reported that James Patterson, the world’s best-selling author, set out to start a revolution in the publishing industry with the launch of his BookShots line. These bite-sized books were marketed as being 150 pages or less and they were priced at $4.99. Patterson said, at the time, that he had 117 ready to go and planned on releasing 50 in 2016. As of right now, only 66 have been published over the past 16 months and there hasn’t been a new thriller in the line since December 2017’s Avalanche. With all signs pointing to this revolution not succeeding you might be wondering, why didn’t BookShots take off the way James Patterson had hoped? Let’s take a look.

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Spring Reading 2018

I read approximately 50 books a year and my reading list is even longer. Below are a few of the books I’m reading or have already read this spring, along with their official synopses.

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Kindle Oasis For Sale

Now that I have the new Kindle Oasis, I’m selling my old one on eBay. In addition to the Kindle itself, the lucky winning bidder will get three official leather charging covers and one third-party case, as well as a micro-USB charging cable. But this listing will only last for five days, so get your bid in now.

Review: Waterproof Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon recently released the all-new Kindle Oasis, which is the first-ever waterproof Kindle. Is it worth buying? Watch my video review below to find out.

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