Audible Words + Music Vol. 29: Tenacious D’s The Road To Redunktion

Tenacious D is back! This time with an audiobook. The Road to Redunktion is an Audible Original about the history of the greatest band in the world: Tenacious D. Jack Black and Kyle Gass take listeners on a nearly two-hour journey as part of this latest entry in the popular Words + Music series from Audible. You can buy your copy of The Road to Redunktion on Amazon right now. Read on for more details about this epic audiobook from Tenacious D.

Publisher’s Summary

Through hard work and, well, tenacity, Jack Black and Kyle Gass catapulted themselves into rock superstardom. But before they were the only two members of the best rock band on earth, they were just Jack and Kyle, two theater students finding their footing in Los Angeles.

The D’s trajectory was a slow and steady rise from clubs to a guest spot on the hit show Mr. Show on HBO to albums to film to headlining festivals across the globe. But it wasn’t without its pains. This is their story.

These are their Words + Music.

In addition to seven newly recorded catalog songs exclusive to this volume, Tenacious D: The Road to Redunktion features 30 years of never-before-heard archival audio, bringing to life every anecdote with a docu-quality that places listeners right then and there. What’s unexpected is just how sweet it is to spend two hours with two true friends, both monstrously talented, delighting in their creativity and their unlikely journey from the living room to the stars.

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