Audible Daily Deal — Redemption by Mike Lawson

Today’s Audible Daily Deal is Redemption by Mike Lawson for 88% less than the regular price. This deal ends at 11:59 p.m. PT so buy this audiobook on Amazon before this deal disappears.

Publisher’s Summary

A man discovers that quitting his job comes with a price—his life—in this breakneck financial thriller from the acclaimed author of the Joe DeMarco series.

With his reputation permanently marred by an insider trading conviction, Jamison Maddox, a young Wall Street broker, reluctantly takes a job doing research for a small company in the sleepy town of Redemption, Illinois.

But when he falls in love with a beautiful and enigmatic colleague, Gillian, Jamison begins to realize that he may be doing illegal work for the company. So when she asks him to run away with her, he agrees wholeheartedly. The two set off across the country, hoping to secure some money and go into hiding. The company is soon on their tails, pursuing them with the single-minded goal of silencing them forever.

If Jamison hadn’t realized how dangerous these people really are, he now realizes they will stop at nothing to protect the company. And he has no idea that his lover, a stunning woman shrouded in mystery, is as dangerous as the people he’s running from.

“[An] excellent legal thriller. . . . Lawson’s meticulous plotting keeps upping the suspense to nearly unbearable levels. This basic plot worked wonders 30 years ago for John Grisham in The Firm; in Lawson’s capable hands it’s once again a winner.” —Publishers Weekly

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