Who is your favorite author, and why?

Harlan Coben and Me (right) at a book signing for Stay Close in March 2012.

Who is your favorite author, and why? Mine is Harlan Coben. Read on for why he’s my favorite author, and let me know whom you love to read and why.

I got into Harlan Coben many years ago. A friend at the swim club who reads more than I do told me to check him out. She said, “Read The Innocent by Harlan Coben and Dirt by Stuart Woods.” I read both books and instantly fell in love with Coben and Woods. I had the delightful opportunity to interview both authors, and I’ve met Harlan several times. He’s hilarious in real life, and Harlan’s humor shines through in his writing. If you can meet him at a book signing, do it. You’ll have a blast!

What makes Harlan Coben my favorite author is his remarkable ability to have multiple storylines going at once and somehow tie them together in an inventive and unexpected way by the end of the book. His exceptional character development and skill at immersing the reader in his fully realized worlds are also remarkable. Harlan is the best thriller writer I’ve ever read, which is why he’s my favorite.

Who is your favorite author, and why? I’m genuinely interested in learning more about who you like to read and what makes them unique. Most importantly, read. I don’t care if it’s comic books, audiobooks, eBooks, hardback books, magazines, or scrolls. Read. By reading, we become more intelligent, more empathetic, and more learned. Reading provides a place to escape when life is too much to handle. So, crack open a good book and have at it.

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