How do you show love?

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How do you show love? Think about it. When it comes to those you care about most, how do you let them know you love them? Read on for my thoughts and share yours.

Love is a word that gets tossed around a lot. “I love this!” is used for everything from eating a cookie to activities (and individuals) far more important. There are gradations of love, and that’s fine by me. I firmly believe you can love a song, a video game, or a cheeseburger. I also think that a deeper, more profound love can exist for pets and humans we have meaningful relationships with, an unconditional love that radiates from our inner being.

I grew up in an Italian family; so, we’re a warm, loving bunch of people. We constantly say, “I love you.” I end every call with my parents by saying, “I love you.” The same is true for calls with my wife. As an adult, I place even higher importance on hugging and kissing my parents upon their (or my) arrival and departure. And, of course, I say, “I love you” when we meet and when we part because who knows what the future holds. I always want our last words to be about love and nothing else.

If you’ve followed my website over the past ten years, you know I’m a big Barry Manilow fan. If there’s one singer who embodies the spirit of love, it’s Barry Manilow. He has so many gorgeous love songs, the list is endless, and he delivers them in a way that makes you feel as if he’s singing directly to you. I’ve sung these songs for those I love, including my son, Oliver, who smiles and giggles when I do so. My son thinks Daddy has a pretty good voice, or he’s just a good sport. Only time will tell. Just the same, music is the universal language of love that resonates with all of humankind.

How do you show love? Do you express it by cooking for someone? Do you show your love by taking another’s hand and holding it in yours or embracing them in a hug? I’m astounded when I hear someone say, “I never knew if my Dad loved me,” or “I never knew if my Dad was proud of me.” That’s incredibly sad. Make sure your children know that you love them and that you’re proud of them. The same goes for your friends, your pets, and anyone else you care about in your life. Love is always the answer.

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