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The Making Of The Sandman Act II

Available only on Audible, The Sandman Act II is the follow up to the wildly popular audiobook production: The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. Below is a video about the making of the much-anticipated sequel, The Sandman Act II.

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The Sandman: Behind The Scenes

The Sandman, available exclusively on Audible, has been a runaway hit. Below is a video providing a behind-the-scenes point of view on the production of this enthralling audiobook.

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Blood, Sweat And Bond: Behind The Scenes Of SPECTRE

2CC2DBA000000578-3247907-Blood_Sweat_And_Bond_Behind_The_Scenes_Of_Spectre_curated_by_Ran-a-9_1443346701744If you’re a James Bond fan looking to learn about all of the behind-the-scenes details from the latest 007 film, SPECTRE, DK Publishing has a new book out you might be interested in picking up. It’s called Blood, Sweat and Bond: Behind the scenes of SPECTRE. Check out my review of the book below to determine whether or not it’s worth the price of admission:

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