Review: The Best of George Carlin

Delving into the comedy world, The Best of George Carlin Time Life DVD box set is an absolute treasure for any humor enthusiast. A collection spanning the illustrious career of this legendary comedian, it provides a truly comprehensive experience of George Carlin’s wit, wisdom, and societal insight.

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George Carlin – Fear of Germs


Five years ago, today, the smartest man I ever met died: George Carlin. No one has made me laugh harder or think more critically. He was a comedic genius and a modern-day philosopher that left an indelible mark on my life. I’ll always smile – and laugh – when I think of George.

The first comedy special of his I saw was You Are All Diseased. Below is a terrific clip from that show about society’s fear of germs. Enjoy!

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George Carlin – Soft Language

George Carlin - Soft LanguageAs a writer, I love words. But as George Carlin pointed out in the brilliant comedy segment below, our language has become softer over the years. Get your Friday off on the right foot with this hysterical piece of comedic gold. You’ll love it!