Diamond Dallas Page is Offering a Chance to Win $1,000,000


Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), who I recently interviewed, announced his “Positively Unstoppable Challenge,” where people can register (in the U.S. or Canada, no later than January 31, 2019) to have the opportunity to transform their lives in a meaningful way over a 16-week period for the chance to win up to $1,000,000.

This challenge is inspired by DDP’s new book, Positively Unstoppable: The Art of Owning It (January 15, 2019, Rodale). At the end of the challenge period, participants will submit photos, videos, and an essay detailing their transformation. After being judged by an independent panel of judges, two finalists will be selected and invited to the DDP YOGA Performance Center in Smyrna, GA. There, they’ll meet DDP in person and take part in a live-streamed event where they will choose from a number of different mystery prizes worth up to $1,000,000. The two finalists will be announced this spring and the final event will stream live on the DDP YOGA Facebook Page in the summer of 2019.

Participants are encouraged to use Positively Unstoppable, as a guide along the way. They will use the free tracking tools in the DDP YOGA NOW mobile app to track their progress. No purchase is necessary to enter the Positively Unstoppable Challenge. Those who subscribe to the app will have access to hundreds of low-impact DDPY workouts, motivational content, healthy eating recipes, and more! I use the app every day so I can attest to the fact that it’s a terrific way to track your workouts and build a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s a no brainer,” says DDP YOGA founder and WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page, “you’re given all the tools you need to be successful and you’ve got the added incentive of potentially winning $1,000,000.”

This is the first DDP YOGA challenge of this magnitude. The program has already helped thousands lose weight, reduce pain, increase flexibility, and build strength. Stories of DDPY transformations have been featured all over the internet and Arthur Boorman’s inspirational transformation has been viewed by millions.

Recent viral sensation, Vance Hinds, lost 198lbs in one year with DDPY, walking, swimming and major changes to his eating habits. He knows first-hand how much can change by following the DDPY program. “I cannot begin to describe the effect of DDP’s program and supervision on my life. I am setting goals, obtaining them, losing weight, gaining flexibility, gaining balance, and just enjoying life.  DDP has given me back an expectation of a longer, more enjoyable life,” Hinds shared on his personal blog.

There is literally nothing to lose (except a few pounds), and everything to gain, including the chance at $1 million. Register and learn more about the DDPY Positively Unstoppable Challenge at www.PositivelyUnstoppable.com. I’ve taken the challenge, and you should too.

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