Philly’s Final KISS

KISS performed its final concert ever in Philadelphia on March 29, 2019. I was there, along with my wife, and it was a blast! Even though I’ve seen KISS live many times, including on three KISS Kruises, I’ve never seen them in the Wells Fargo Center. It was awesome seeing them in a large arena, filled with face-painted fans of all ages. Even better, the band left all access passes for us, something I’ve never had, which meant we could walk almost anywhere we wanted in the building, including backstage, without restriction.

As with many of the shows on KISS’ “End of the Road” tour, this one was sold out. I found the banner backstage, right near the band’s dressing room, and had to take a photo with it.Another perk of having an all access pass was I could look at Paul and Gene’s guitars prior to the show, which you can see above and below.Before the show started, I made sure to capture a shot of the iconic black KISS curtain, covering the stage.The concert kicked off with an explosive rendition of “Detroit Rock City,” with fire, bombs, and KISS descending from the rafters atop their pods.I was able to get a copy of the set list before the show. As you can see, the concert was filled with KISS classics from throughout the band’s career. There weren’t deep cuts but I wasn’t expecting any. This tour is about celebrating the band’s KISStory, which means all of the heavy hitters need to be represented. Based on the response from the crowd, KISS delivered.

I knew exactly when Paul was going to fly over the audience and land on the mini-stage near the soundboard. So, I used my all access pass to secure myself a spot right in front, which made for an awesome viewpoint for my all-time favorite KISS song.I made it a point to try and simultaneously be in-the-moment and capture some awesome photos and video because of my ability to move freely throughout the arena during the show.As with all KISS crowds, there was a wide range of individuals. Whether you’re 93 or 16, everyone loves KISS.All band members killed it that night, including Eric Singer. He had a thunderous drum solo during “100,000 Years” and a beautiful performance of “Beth” in front of a glittering grand piano that got everyone in the audience to ignite their lighters or phone screens.Tommy Thayer is an immensely talented guitar player and an even kinder individual. He did an awesome job throughout the evening, especially during “Cold Gin,” which was followed by his guitar solo and rockets.

I had a fantastic time seeing KISS’ final show in Philadelphia. It was everything I expected and more. This performance was a celebration of what makes KISS special, and I’m glad I got to see them one more time in my hometown.

If you get the chance to see KISS on this tour, do so. You won’t regret experiencing that one final KISS.

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    • I agree completely!! It was an amazing show. To see all the fans screaming me included. This was my first KISS concert. Sadly could be the last…BUT I may go to Hershey in August. I would like my 11 year old to have the KISS experience. It was unbelievable!! BEST thing I ever did!! I have always loved KISS growing up..but kind of moved to all kinds of other music. But being with my BF for 2 years…HE is a diehard KISS fan all the way!! Seeing his first concert as a teenager.. Storage room full of KISS stuff ( we need a bigger place for a KISS room lol )NOW I fully understand his love and addiction of KISS. I appreciate them even more NOW!! It has to be the GREATEST EVER SHOW!!! They killed it from begining to end..Sad to see it come to an end.. #KISSFAN4LIFE!!

  1. Very cool. I took 2 of my kids to their first KISS show a few years ago. There’s nothing quite like a 5 year old belting out Shout it Out Loud.

  2. Thanks for sharing your All Access Experience & show review with us, I loved it! Hope to see you on the KK9!

    Cynthia Fields-Jalil
    I ♥️💋⭐️🔥⚡️💥

  3. Awesome!
    It’s been 4 weeks already! Time flies.
    I went to Philadelphia only to see the concert from Japan.

    I’ll never forget that amazing and memorable time.

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