10th Annual DDP Yoga Retreat

Hosted by TravelSmiths, this July is the 10th annual DDP Yoga Retreat. Picture it: six nights in Mexico at an amazing resort with clean, healthy food, group activities, excursions, pool parties, and morning DDP Yoga workouts led by the man himself, Diamond Dallas Page, on a pier overlooking the water or on the beach. I don’t know about you, but that sounds amazing to me!
Most celebrity-based vacations don’t give you the kind of access to their star attraction the way the DDPY Retreat does. But, then again, Diamond Dallas Page isn’t your typical celebrity. He makes himself incredibly accessible to a large number of people all the time. His ability to connect with people within minutes of meeting them is probably why he became known as “The People’s Champion” back when he was a world champion professional wrestler in WCW.Since I recommitted to doing DDP Yoga again back in December 2018, I’ve had some amazing experiences along the way. I see the DDP Yoga Retreat as a wonderful way to take those experiences to another level. Everyone who has been on it says it’s a fantastic time, and the idea of coming back from a trip feeling happier and healthier sounds great to me. You can rest assured that I’ll have a full review upon my return. Until then, visit DDPRetreat.com for all of the specifics and maybe I’ll see you in Mexico in July.

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