Audible Review: Best Seat In The House

From 2002 through most of 2014 Justin Roberts served as one of WWE’s ring announcers. Fans who watched WWE during that time period, no doubt, recognize his signature sound, including the way he’d elongate “Johnnnnnnn Ceeeeeena!” Roberts is now the man behind the mic at All Elite Wrestling, the hot upstart in the pro wrestling industry. However, if you’re interested in reading (or listening to) his journey through the world of WWE, Best Seat In The House is your opportunity to do so.

Having watched WWE during Justin’s tenure, I found this Audible Original to be incredibly enjoyable. From his thoughts on individual superstars to what it was like recording audio for the various WWE video games — which I played religiously — this audiobook is filled with a ton of fascinating content. As far as the narration goes, Justin does a great job. I’ve read other reviewers complaining about him smacking his lips too much, which I did notice. More troublesome is the fact that multiple takes are included in this book. In other words, you will literally hear Justin read a sentence twice back-to-back with the intent of the bad take being edited out. Unfortunately, many of those bad takes were left in, which gives off the impression that this audiobook isn’t a professional production. If you can get past this, what you’ll find here is one of the most entertaining wrestling autobiographies from the modern era.

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