Audible Review: More Than Just Hardcore by Terry Funk

Terry Funk is one of the most influential wrestlers of all time. With a career spanning decades, you’d think that his autobiography, More Than Just Hardcore, would be fascinating. While this Audible Original was an easy and entertaining listen, it didn’t blow my mind. There weren’t any shocking revelations, dirt on other wrestlers, or anything of that nature. What you get here is the story of a man who is content with the life he’s lived. To me, that makes for an inspiring audiobook replete with life lessons.

I went into this book hoping to learn a great deal about Terry Funk’s days in the NWA, ECW, and the WWF. I got all of that and more. What I found most interesting about this autobiography is it was written before the Chris Benoit tragedy, and Terry talks about how much he likes and admires Benoit. In the book he talks about wishing he had worked with Benoit, and these moments are interesting in hindsight. I’m glad Terry Funk took the time to write an autobiography because I feel that he’s an underappreciated wrestler who is often overshadowed by the larger-than-life personalities he shared the ring with. If you’re looking for a wrestling autobiography that’s enjoyable despite its lack of revelatory content, then More Than Just Hardcore is worth buying.

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