Orange Crush: The Journal of Art & Wrestling

Orange Crush: The Journal of Art & Wrestling is the first publication to analyze professional wrestling as the unique art form that it is. An oversized print publication featuring long-form pieces reflective of what you’ll find in The New Yorker, the content in Orange Crush is presented on heavy stock paper with a matte finish. It retails for $25.00, and you get 96 pages of thought-provoking pieces, in-depth interviews, and essays on the complexity and nuance of professional wrestling and those who’ve dedicated their lives to this business, which is unlike any other.

Watch the video above for a look inside issue of Orange Crush. As you’ll see, this is a top-notch journal that takes a bold approach to covering and analyzing professional wrestling in a way that respects it as both a form of entertainment and art. The photography, artwork, and writing is second to none, and I hope this is the first of many issues to come.

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