Review: NWA Back For The Attack

Tonight marked the return of the NWA since the start of the pandemic last year. A two-hour PPV event on FITE, Back For The Attack was an excellent return to form for one of the most compelling wrestling promotions in the world today. Before I dive into my match-by-match review, I want to let you know that NWA Powerrr is now exclusively on FITE, with the first new episode airing this Tuesday. If you want to watch NWA Powerrr, you can do so by paying only $5 a month. This subscription is absolutely worth it, and I encourage you to sign up for it today. Now, let’s take a look at tonight’s PPV and my thoughts on each match!

Back For The Attack kicked off with an emotional video package, setting the stage for the main event and highlighting exactly why both Nick Aldis and Aron Stevens were given the opportunity to shine in the spotlight during one of the most important events in the company’s history.

After this opening, an ’80s-inspired title sequence played out with “Cyr” by The Smashing Pumpkins providing the perfect soundtrack. Hearing Billy Corgan’s voice brought a smile to my face and got me in the mood for the show ahead.

The opening contest was a fatal-four way match between Crimson, Jax Dane, Jordan Clearwater, and Slice Boogie. But before these guys locked up, Nick Aldis was interviewed and delivered an impassioned promo that got the studio audience pumped up and me as well. The fatal four way itself was just merely OK. It didn’t blow me away, but it was by no means a bad match. Slice Boogie walked away with the win.

Next up was Tyrus versus Kratos in a battle-of-the-behemoths match that didn’t blow me away. I haven’t seen Tyrus since his days in TNA, and he doesn’t appear to be in the greatest shape, which is unfortunate considering he’s only 48 years old. Many people have criticized the NWA for even having him on the show because he’s currently embroiled in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Even more puzzling is the fact that the NWA chose to put him over the tag team champion, Kratos, in this match. Will Tyrus stick around or will the outcome of the lawsuit, if not in his favor, seal his doom with the promotion? We’ll have to wait and see.

NWA World Television Champion The Pope going head-to-head with Tom Latimer was the match of the night, prior to the main event taking place. These two highly skilled athletes put on a wrestling clinic that ended in a time-limit draw. While The Pope retained his championship, both men came out winners. I look forward to seeing more from both of these talented guys in the weeks and months to come.

The amazing Taryn Terrell made her NWA debut, joining the commentary team for the match between Thunder Rosa and Kamille. Taryn is a great competitor, and I look forward to, hopefully, seeing her step back into the ring by becoming a force to reckon with in the NWA.

Hot off the heels of the most talked about women’s wrestling match in a long time, Thunder Rosa was the fan favorite going into this contest. Last Wednesday, on AEW Dynamite, Thunder Rosa took part in a bloody brawl with Britt Baker. Just a few nights later, here she is grappling with the powerhouse Kamille. These ladies laid it all on the line with a mix of high-flying moves and brutal offense. In the end, Kamille took home the win after delivering a devastating spear to Thunder Rosa. Cheers to both women for providing one of the most entertaining matches on this PPV, and congrats to Kamille on becoming the new number one contender for the NWA Women’s Championship.

The NWA National Championship was on the line when defending champion Trevor Murdoch took on Chris Adonis, who made his debut with the NWA. This was another excellent match. Both of these guys had the opportunity to shine in their own unique way. I was particularly impressed by Trevor Murdoch, who executed some moves that are completely unexpected for a man his size. At one point he delivered a flying cross body off the top rope that was utterly amazing! While the champion walked away with the gold, Chris Adonis made an impact after the bell rung by assaulting Trevor Murdoch.

Pro wrestling icon Austin Idol joined the commentary team, delivering a compelling build up to the main event. Before Nick Aldis and Aron Stevens entered the arena, a ten-bell salute took place to remember those we recently lost. The main event was excellent! It not only lived up to my expectations, but it exceeded them. Aron Stevens made it clear why he deserved this title shot. He’s not just great at being in a comedic role, he’s also a tremendous athlete whose ability to convey raw, genuine emotion is unmatched. While this contest went back and forth between both combatants, in the end, Nick Aldis retained the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Following the match, an emotional tribute took place in honor of Joseph Hudson.

All in all, Back For The Attack was an excellent PPV. I love the fact that it was only two hours, providing just enough NWA goodness to whet my appetite for the return of NWA Powerrr this Tuesday. It was also a great way to let the wrestling world know that the NWA is back and that it’s not going anywhere. I, for one, and thrilled about this and look forward to what the NWA has in store for us next.

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