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My World With Jeff Jarrett

On May 4, Jeff Jarrett boldly stepped into the world of podcasting with the first episode of My World with Jeff Jarrett, a weekly show featuring Double J and Conrad Thompson talking about iconic moments, memories, matches, and more from the King of the Mountain’s illustrious career.

This podcast is highly enjoyable, as it’s clear that Jeff isn’t holding back. He’s an open book and happy to share stories that have never been told. Whether it be about the USWA, WWF, WCW, TNA, or anything in between, everything is fair game.

The first episode is all about the legendary tale of Jeff Jarrett holding up Vince for money. Is it true? What really went down? Listen in to find out.

The second episode of My World focuses on Jeff Jarrett getting fired on live TV by Vince McMahon. Was it a work? Was it a shoot? You know the drill: listen!

My World is a great podcast, and the possibilities are endless. I highly recommend tuning in, regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of Jeff Jarrett. I guarantee you’ll enjoy the show and have a deeper appreciation for Jeff after listening.

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