Review: NWA When Our Shadows Fall

Last night was the latest NWA PPV on FITE: When Our Shadows Fall. Featuring seven matches, this two-hour event was an action packed evening that welcomed fans back into the NWA Arena for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For the full results and my thoughts on this NWA PPV, read on.

The NWA always excels when it comes to music, and the opening video package featuring the guitar work of Jeff Schroeder of The Smashing Pumpkins was awesome! It set the tone for the show and got me pumped up for the action.

Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky handled the announcing for the evening, and they did a good job. I was particularly entertained by Galli’s over-the-top emotional play-by-play during the main event, where he was so intense that it sounded like he might have a heart attack at any moment. My guess is he was channeling some old school Jim Ross or Tony Schiavone. Meanwhile, Tim Storm and Velvet Sky were more reserved throughout the evening, offering their insights when appropriate.

The End (Parrow/OdinSon) vs. “La Rebelión”(MechaWolf/Bestia 666) vs. “All Day” Marshe Rockett/Slice Boogie vs. Sal Rinauro/ “El Rudo” Sam Adonis (with Danny Deals) in a Fatal 4-Way match

First up was a four-way tag team match under AAA rules. This was a great fast-paced encounter that had a variety talent and styles, making for an engaging match that held my interest. The high spots were impressive, and I enjoyed the humorous elements of the match too. The fans in attendance sounded like they were having a great time as well. In the end, La Rebelión came out on top after administering a muscle buster and 450 splash combo finisher to Marshe Rockett.

NWA Television Champion Da Pope vs. Tyrus (with Austin Idol) in a non-title grudge match

Next up was one of my favorite wrestlers, Pope, in a grudge match against Tyrus. However, this bout wasn’t for Pope’s NWA Television Championship. As expected, Pope was excellent, both on the microphone before the match and in the ring. Tyrus, on the other hand, is a plodding mess. There’s nothing wrong with having big guys who wrestle like monsters. The problem is that Tyrus is incredibly out of shape, moves at a snail’s pace, and appears to be exhausted in no time flat. He’s more embarrassing than menacing. Either he needs to shape up and put in the work to elevate his physique and his game, or the NWA should drop him because, right now, he’s more of a liability than an asset. Despite all of this, Tyrus walked away with the win, which I expected since this was a non-title contest.

Thunder Rosa/Melina vs. Taryn Terrell/Kylie Rae in a Fearless and Fantastic match

When Our Shadows Fall included two women’s wrestling matches, with the first being a tag team bout. It was nice seeing Taryn Terrell and Kylie Rae back in the ring, and it was announced live on the PPV that Kylie Rae signed a contract with the NWA. As you may recall, Kylie Rae no-showed IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory last year and subsequently retired, again, citing her mental health as the reason. A few months later and she’s back in the ring, again. While she was still under contract to IMPACT Wrestling, the company worked with the NWA so she could be bought out of said contract, presumably because they don’t want to be bothered with her anymore. This is probably a smart move considering her track record of fizzling out at promotions after a short period of time. Nevertheless, I enjoyed seeing Kylie Rae in this match and wish her well. She’s a talented performer, and I hope she’s in a better place. If she isn’t, then she should stay retired. Kylie and Taryn walked away with the win after a whacky finish.

JTG vs. Fred Rosser

I haven’t seen JTG since he was in WWE, so it was pretty cool for him to be on the card. This match was about both JTG and Fred Rosser paying tribute to the late Shad Gaspar, with both men putting on a hell of a match. The athleticism in this contest made it one of the best of the night. I was continually impressed by both JTG and Fred Rosser. While JTG got the win, both men came out shining like stars. I look forward to their future in the NWA.

War Kings (Jax Dane/Crimson) vs. Thom Latimer/Chris Adonis vs. Aron Stevens/Kratos (c) for the NWA Tag Team Championship

The NWA World Tag Team Championship was on the line in a three-way tag team match, which was the third tag team bout of the evening. This match wasn’t anything to write home about; just a fun, hard-hitting affair where the War Kings stole the spotlight with their talent and chemistry. In the end, the tag champs retained the gold.

Kamille vs. Serena Deeb(c) for the NWA Women’s Championship

Since watching the NWA, I’ve been very impressed by Kamille. When she walks into a room, people pay attention. Not only is she beautiful, but Kamille is one of the very best female wrestlers on the planet. Her intensity and acumen is superb. I’d argue that this was the best match of the night, with Kamille and Serena Deeb laying it all on the line for the NWA Women’s Championship. In the end, Kamille came out on top, winning her first NWA title in the process. This is an honor that is well deserved, and I can’t wait to see how the new champ’s reign unfolds.

Trevor Murdoch vs. Nick Aldis (c) for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

In the main event, “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis put his NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship on the line against Trevor Murdoch, who has been having a tremendous run in the NWA. I’ve been astounded by how athletic Murdoch is. For a guy that large to do what he’s able to do is incredible. While Aldis retained via a disqualification, Murdoch continues to garner support as the fan favorite underdog. It would be great for Trevor Murdoch to win the gold eventually, but Aldis losing the belt is going to have to be a momentous occasion considering how long he’s held it.

Final Thoughts

When Our Shadows Fall was a great PPV. I highly encourage you to watch the replay on FITE. Two-hour PPVs are underrated, and this one demonstrates how a lot of action can fit into a couple hours and work beautifully. None of the seven matches were bad, and a few were excellent, with the NWA Women’s Championship match being exceptional. Hearing and seeing fans back in the NWA Arena was a delight, and it makes me want to find a way to attend in the future myself. The NWA continues to build momentum with excellent programming on FITE, both in their weekly TV content and on PPV. When Our Shadows Fall is another excellent entry into the legacy of the NWA.

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