Deal of the Day: 50% Off The Batman (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital) [4K UHD]

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Movie Synopsis

A killer targets Gotham’s elite, sending The Batmanon an investigation. As evidence mounts, he must forge new relationships, unmask the culprit and bring justice amidst corruption.


The Batman is two years into his role as Gotham’s embodiment of vengeance – a nocturnal vigilante who strikes fear in the hearts of criminals. While questioning his family’s legacy, the reclusive scion of Gotham’s richest family stalks the streets at night, employing a lethal combination of mental mastery, physical strength and expert technology on his journey to becoming the city’s symbol of hope.


Selina Kyle is a mysterious figure who is quietly infiltrating Gotham’s seedy underbelly to further her own agenda. Her fierce attitude and tenacious agility are the perfect tools to excel as a cat burglar, but hidden underneath the array of identities and motorcycle leathers is a protective soul who’s more at home with the city’s strays than its citizens.


The Riddler has quickly established himself as Gotham’s deadliest threat yet. This enigmatic, masked killer has devised a sinister series of puzzles and tortuous devices to entrap Gotham’s elite and publicly unmask the city’s darkest truths.


The Penguin, aka “Oz,” is the proprietor of Gotham’s exclusive nightlife hotspot, The Iceberg Lounge, a meeting place for the city’s underworld. While this shady crook is known for running his mouth as well as running operations for the city’s top gangster, Carmine Falcone, he definitely has designs on even more.

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