Book Review — Re-Animator: The Novelization

I recently read the novelization of the classic 1980s horror movie Re-Animator by Jeff Rovin. Below is more information on this book, including my review.

Publisher’s Summary

Re-animation, the science of bringing dead creatures back to life, is Herbert West’s dream. West tests his secret life-rejuvenating potion on some cooperative corpses at a local morgue. It’s a success! But only a temporary one – as the dead spring to life, reacting violently to their re-animation. Zombies are loose and now West cannot control the very beasts he has re-created. The born-again dead are unstoppable, even severed body parts take on life like so many split worms! Herbert West has a serious problem – will he become the first in a new breed of headhunters or all of his woes coming to a head? Re-Animator – an intense book of macabre humor.

My Thoughts

I bought the e-book and audiobook versions of Re-Animator, but I chose to listen to the audiobook for my first reading of this book. The audiobook is narrated by Christian Francis, who has been behind the microphone for many books, including the phenomenal Taking Shape books about the Halloween franchise. Christian also wrote and narrated the Wishmaster novelization, which is terrific. While he reads briskly, I enjoy his voice and think he did a fine job with Re-Animator.

As for the book itself, it is an expanded version of the movie we all know and love. The major characters are fleshed out more than they were in the film, and the supporting cast gets extra attention. At four hours and thirty-one minutes, the Re-Animator audiobook is a more fully realized representation of the Re-Animator world originally brought to life by Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna. Re-Animator is a ticket to paradise for those who enjoyed the movie and want to envelop themselves in that environment while simultaneously bringing back fond memories of yore.

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