Book Review — This Is How We Do It: A Pep Talk by Kevin Hart

Amazon Original Stories recently released This Is How We Do It: A Pep Talk by Kevin Hart, a 66-page Kindle e-book adapted from his Audible Original: The Decision. Read on for more information about this book, including my thoughts.

Publisher’s Summary

Entertainment icon Kevin Hart, the number one New York Times bestselling author of I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons, shares fifteen heartfelt lessons about harnessing your potential in the here and now.


You’ve heard this advice before. Yes, of course you have. It’s straight out of the self-help bible.

But wait. Are you ready to hear it from a guy who’s made so many mistakes he could fill eighteen other books about them? A guy who went to community college for exactly two weeks and earned a degree in nothing? A guy who wore long tights for a marathon?

That’s this guy: Kevin Hart. He wants to share some lessons he’s learned along the way—lessons that helped him get to where he is now. He wants to talk to you about “what-is-ness,” “cowboying up,” and “teddy bearing.”

No idea what those are? Don’t worry. That’s why you’re here. In this funny, heartfelt collection of pep talks, Kevin Hart reveals the power of a positive mindset.

In this book, the tables are turned. Kevin Hart isn’t just a box office juggernaut and superstar comedian.

He’s your biggest fan.

Adapted from The Decision.

My Thoughts

This Is How We Do It: A Pep Talk by Kevin Hart is excellent. I own the Audible Original audiobook that it is adapted from, The Decision. This new Kindle e-book from Amazon is broken into 15 tools that the reader can leverage to create their best life. They include tips like having a positive mindset, being consistent, staying determined, and being relatable and humble. All of tips are useful and being that they are coming from Kevin Hart, they are presented in a way that is hilarious.

The fact that This Is How We Do It: A Pep Talk by Kevin Hart is only 66 pages means it is a quick, easy read that will make you feel productive. In a world filled with 1,000-page books, it’s nice to have a brisk read like this one to freshen things up. And the fact that reading this book will make you think about and improve your life means the content contained within is highly valuable. I highly recommend reading This Is How We Do It: A Pep Talk by Kevin Hart, especially considering it is free for Amazon Prime members.

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