What is the earliest memory you have?

Life is a series of experiences that provide us with memories we reflect on and rely on to tell stories about our journey. The hope is that we have more positive memories than negative ones. However, sometimes the negative ones can result in hilarious stories or lessons learned. What is the earliest memory you have? Read on for mine.

As a new father, I often wonder what my son’s first memory will be. According to the BBC, implicit memories are formed at birth, and long-term memories don’t develop until 18 months. And as we get older, those memories from early childhood can fade away.

Do you have memories that result from a parent telling you a story numerous times throughout your life? They said, “When he was five years old . . .” I know I do. And those can play tricks on us because we can’t tell the difference between actual memories and imagined memories based on stories we’ve heard repeatedly over the years. It makes you realize just how wild our minds and memory development are.

I swear I remember sleeping in my crib as a baby. I also remember being held by my Grandmom while she played “this little piggy” with my toes. I even remember my Dad carrying me upstairs to go to bed at night. All these memories are happy ones. And I have many more as the years go on.

As a Dad, my goal is to make sure my son laughs and smiles as much as possible, so his positive memories will outweigh the negative ones. Our memories can define us, so I want to ensure my son’s memories are spectacular. How about you? What is the earliest memory you have? Is it a good one? Even if it isn’t, I hope today you make an excellent memory for yourself and those you love.

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  1. I think you’re right about repeated stories being confused with what we actually remember. And one of the ironies of aging, of course, is that we tend to remember the long-ago better than the yesterday 🙂

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