What is your preferred mode of travel?

What is your preferred mode of travel? I have driven cars, trucks, and vans. I’ve taken subways, trolleys, and trains. I’ve flown on airplanes, big and small. I’ve traversed water by ferries, boats, and ships. And I’ve walked a million miles in countless cities, domestic and abroad. So, what’s my preferred mode of transportation? Read on and let me know yours.

I live in Philadelphia, and I love how walkable it is. Being able to go anywhere I want in the city on foot is phenomenal. Pounding the pavement while listening to my favorite music or enjoying a captivating audiobook makes walking much more exhilarating. The best part of walking is that it costs nothing and gives you something in return: good health. It’s hard to beat that. So, walking is, without a doubt, my favorite mode of transportation.

My wife and I got a car before the arrival of our son. We use it maybe once a week, often less. Having a car is a delightful convenience. I don’t mind driving, but traffic outside the city is horrendous. I’ll drive in Philly all day long. The highways surrounding the city in NJ and PA? You can have them! I don’t envy people who have to drive to work every day. I’ve never had a job I couldn’t get to by foot or public transportation, and I intend to keep it that way.

I love trains. I took the subway to and from high school and college. I’ve also taken the regional rail to and from the Philly burbs. Once in a blue moon, PATCO is helpful for getting to and from Jersey without a car. And Amtrak is perfect for traveling to DC or New York and back.

Being a massive James Bond fan, I’d love to travel long distances by train. Something is appealing about looking out the window and seeing the countryside pass by. And sleeping on a train, in a room with a bed, is something I’d like to do. It has to be better than sleeping upright in a cramped seat on an airplane with no legroom. So, I plan on doing this sometime in the future, in the United States or Europe.

Whether it be for business or pleasure, what is your preferred mode of travel? Planes, trains, automobiles? Perhaps you love traveling by canoe or pogo stick. Whatever it is, stick with what you love and ditch the rest. Most of all, travel as much as you can. There are so many great places to see.

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3 thoughts on “What is your preferred mode of travel?

  1. I too have travelled by all the modes of transport that you mention & I even visited Philadelphia in the past and used the subway there, so I can completely understand your post. However, latterly I know longer walk and use a wheelchair which makes many of my previous travel options severely limited. Therefore, my favourite travel option for overseas travel is the occasional Ferry to western France to visit my parents and for more local travel I am afraid to say that it is the car. Trains, subways and even walking/wheeling is not a pleasurable experience when you have a wheelchair!

      • (Please ignore obvious spelling mistake in my previous post – it’s not “I know longer walk” obviously – that’s voice dictation software for you! It should read “I no longer walk”!)
        I have travelled all over France in the past, but in the last 20+ years, it’s just back and forward to rural West France, which is lovely and peaceful. If you like the towns/cities it’s probably not your “cup of tea”, but if you live in a town as I do then the change to a slower pace of life is really soothing. I also really enjoy being in nature, with no work or other responsibilities.
        You really should try to go there again!

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