What’s your favorite meal to cook and/or eat?

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What’s your favorite meal to cook and/or eat? We all love food, right? So, that can be a tricky question to answer. There are so many good options to consider. But think about the question: what’s your favorite meal to cook and/or eat? Read on for my thoughts and share yours.

If you can’t tell by my last name, I’m Italian. Therefore, my favorite type of food is Italian. Big shock, I know. But there are so many fantastic options, from pasta to fish to soup to pizza and more. The possibilities are endless. However, you can keep the cannoli; I’ve never cared for this Italian dessert because I find it rather bland. Give me a slice of shoofly pie over cannoli any day of the week!

Despite my love for Italian food when it comes to eating, I’m much better at cooking breakfast. And the ultimate ingredient for breakfast is eggs. Like Italian food, there are so many options for eggs. You can make them scrambled, over easy, poached, or my favorite: Eggs Benedict. I also have fond memories of my Dad making me egg-in-a-hole. To make this, you create a hole in a piece of toast with a glass and then fry an egg in it. Naturally, you have two pieces of toast, two eggs, and butter the holes of toast you removed and dip that in the egg yolk. It’s excellent! He still makes this for me down the shore, and I’ve made it at home too.

You can also use eggs to make French Toast. Who doesn’t love French Toast?! It is one of the most incredible breakfast foods because it’s sweet and delicious. Throw in some vanilla and cinnamon, and you’ve got yourself a party. Want to eat French Toast but not become fat? Use my Keto French Toast recipe. You’ll love it! So, as you can see, eggs are highly versatile, and they are easy to make. For this reason, they are my meal to cook and/or eat.

How about you? What’s your favorite meal to cook and/or eat? Whatever it is, I hope you get to eat it often. Life is short, so enjoy your favorite foods as often as possible. Food is often a sign of love, especially in an Italian family. So, make sure to share your love with others.

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