Author Jesse D’Angelo Unleashes His First Entry Into Extreme Horror With Slasher Dying Sheep

The year is 1980. Your phone line has been cut. Your tires have been slashed. You are completely isolated. And infamous serial killer Marvin Brumlow has returned from the grave to kill you. What do you do? Below is more information about this upcoming book from Encyclopocalypse Publications.

On March 3, 2023, Jesse D’Angelo, author of such novels as Composite, Doomsday Dogs and Prey To God, makes his first entry into the niche of “Extreme Horror.” Inspired by his favorite slasher films of the 1980s, D’Angelo wrote Dying Sheep, both a tribute to and a satire of the genre. The goal was to create a new iconic slasher villain in Marvin and to give readers the kind of murder and mayhem they thirst for, but with a twist.

“Dying Sheep is potent, brutal, and original. It is violent, gory, humorous, filthy, vulgar, offensive, and in terrible taste … We’re very proud of it.” says Encyclopocalypse Publications Managing Editor, Sean Duregger.

John Durgin, author of The Cursed Among Us heaped on praise as well, “This is far more than just a love letter to slashers, it’s a unique approach to a trope where it seemed all stones had been turned.”

Early reviews have been enthusiastic:

“I finished this book within a few hours! I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!!” – Holly Horror (Goodreads Reviewer)

“Pretty much perfect! All the things I love in a story!” – Crystal Cook (Goodreads Reviewer)

Prepare to take an unforgettable journey into the insane mind of Marvin Brumlow on March 3, 2023. Dying Sheep will be available everywhere books are sold as well as directly from the publisher at

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