New Editions of James Bond Novels Available to Pre-Order

Today, Ian Fleming Publications announced that the new editions of the original James Bond novels are available to pre-order. Below is the newsletter that was sent out and links to buy the books.

Ian Fleming Publications Newsletter

Memorandum sent 24/02/2023
Classification: Gold level (For Your Eyes Only)
To our agents in the field,
I’m afraid we have some distressing news. Top secret information has been leaked. Q is assessing the ramifications.

The data leak concerns the new North America publishing partner for the Ian Fleming backlist. Whilst the original Bond adventures and Ian Fleming’s non-fiction will be published by Ian Fleming Publications in the UK, in the US the publisher will be HarperCollins, through the William Morrow imprint. This is a major milestone for the books and all of us at HQ hope our Stateside fans will enjoy the new editions. When I asked M about them, he said “I’m too busy to read these again. But it goes without saying I want a copy of each for my shelves. Clear some space. Just throw those Christmas cards from the Prime Minister away.”

The new releases will kick off on May 23rd with Casino Royale, out simultaneously in paperback and eBook formats.

Now that the danger has been contained, it is required that all agents review the below cover links. This is not a direct order from M but let me just say that he heartily encourages it.

More news to come soon, including details of the UK covers, and 70th anniversary events.


Miss Moneypenny

James Bond Books Pre-Order Links

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