Preorder Now: Warmth by Lucas Amann

Warmth by Lucas Amann is an exciting new horror novel from Encyclopocalypse Publications, coming out on October 14. This is the author’s debut novel, and Doug Bradley narrates the audiobook version. Read on for more details and buy your copy of Warmth on Amazon today.

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Preorder Now: The Dead Friends Society by Paul Gandersman and Peter Hall

Encyclopocalypse Publications has another exciting release available now to buy on Amazon: The Dead Friends Society. Coming out November 11, this book is a debut novel by two promising authors. Read on for more details, and buy your copy today.

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Book Review – Laguna Heat by T. Jefferson Parker

Laguna Heat

I just finished reading a book that came out the year I was born: 1985. Entitled Laguna Heat, it’s the debut novel by T. Jefferson Parker. I met the author last July at ThrillerFest and immediately liked him after seeing his hour-long interview with D.P. Lyle. This interview provided me with insight into Parker’s writing style, motivations and interesting behind-the-scenes information about his impressive body of work. I picked up a copy of Iron River while I was there so he could autograph it, but I decided that the first book of his I would read was Laguna Heat, mainly because I think the title sounds great.

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