Back-To-School Deals: Get Your Supplies During Amazon’s Prime Day Sale

Amazon’s Prime Day event is July 11 through July 12, when Prime members get exclusive access to Amazon’s lowest prices so far this year on select products. New deals drop every 30 minutes during select periods throughout the event, with deep discounts on top products from the hottest brands. Customers can join Prime or start a free trial at to participate and get the most out of Amazon. Below are back-to-school deals you can take advantage of during Amazon’s Prime Day event.

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What was your dream job as a child?

What was your dream job as a child? Kids say the craziest things, so I’m sure many of you had unusual aspirations at a young age. Read for my answer to this question and let me know yours.

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1,000 Words Children Should Know Before They Start School

Enter the world of Merriam-Webster’s Ready-for-School Words and discover the words needed to describe the people, places, and things in your community and beyond! Read on for more information on this new children’s book.

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School’s Out For Winter


Tonight was my last class of the semester, and I’m going to enjoy my break to the fullest. Speaking of which, let’s kick things off with a little Alice Cooper. It may be the wrong season, but the meaning’s still the same: “School’s Out.”

I Paid Off My Student Loans

ImageI don’t like debt; it hangs over me like a cloud. The only debt I’ve had since graduating college four years ago was my student loans. Compared to some graduates that owed $60,000 or more, the amount I had to pay back was small potatoes. But last night I decided I didn’t want to have this cloud hanging over me any longer, so I paid the remaining balance. While I’m not looking forward to seeing the full amount withdrawn from my bank account in a few days, I’m glad I did it. That’s one less thing to worry about. And now that I don’t have a monthly payment anymore, I can replenish my savings account at a much faster rate.

  • How does debt make you feel?
  • Have you ever paid off something big (e.g., a car, house or student loans)?
  • If so, what did you wind up doing with the extra money?

Feel free to share your answers below.