New DDP Yoga DVDs Available

With Thanksgiving upon us, DDP Yoga devotees, such as myself, have something to be thankful for: five brand-new DDPY DVDs, featuring 23 workouts from the DDP Yoga Now app. Even better—there is a Black Friday deal going on right now that will save you 30% on these DVDs, so act fast. If you’re a veteran or active service member, you can get 50% off—a fantastic deal that is offered every day of the year as a way to thank those individuals for the work they do. Below are the details of what’s on these new DVDs.

Extreme 3.0 DVDs

The Extreme 3.0 DVDs include workouts that take your DDPY experience to a whole new level! This pack is not for the faint of heart, including 14 of the toughest DDPY workouts available! It will not only make you stronger, but build your stamina and teach you how to maintain breath control in extreme conditions. These workouts have been strategically designed to maximize your flexibility and core strength building without impacting joints. Implementing our specialized Dynamic Resistance, DDPY Extreme delivers an amazing cardio workout as well, allowing you to Push beyond your comfort zone and take your training to the EXTREME! 

DDPY Extreme includes 8 truly intense workouts! 

Double Black & Diamond Cutter Hybrid 

An advanced workout from Christina. Similar to Diamond Cutter and Double Black Diamond. Expect some deep lung phases, Banana Splits, Can Opener closing out with Christina’s Core routine. 62 min 

The Black Crow Workout 

Three long Black Crows, Side Planks and Exploding Push Ups that will have your Chest, Arms and Shoulders on FIRE. 

Terrible 10s 

Terrible 10s…need we say more! 

Kickin’ Old School 

Yoga Doc takes you through some old school power DDPY. Broken Table, Broken Airplanes, Black Crow and Side Planks all make an appearance. 

Sweatin’ Swearin Shoulder and Legs Flailin’ 

A Sweatin and Swearin class with Christina. Works those shoulders and legs hard. Enjoy a balance challenge and Round House Kicks and open the hips with a deep Can Opener. 

100 Push Up Challenge 

Hit that 100 Push Up target through this 45 minute killer workout. 

Living in the Red Zone 

An EXTREME workout that will challenge every part of your body. Be ready to KICK YOUR OWN ASS with this one. 

Harrier Jet 

At no point does your chest hit the mat in this extreme workout. Lots of Push Ups along with Wrap & Burn and Can Opener.DDPY Bonus! DVDs

Needing more DDPY in your life? The DDPY BONUS is the pack to get! We’ve added 15 new workouts to increase strength and flexibility, lose weight, and offer a full body workout. This pack is best used in combination with our COMBO PACK. 


Salute the Road Warrior 

Great for those transitioning from Stand Strong to Energy, DDP takes you through several salutations as the flow then into Road Warriors. 

A Bit of Everything 

Some push ups, plenty of DR (Including Rows, Curls, and Flies), Haydn is in the background using a chair to show modification. 

Gator Country 

A full intermediate workout based around Alligator and variations, no Push Ups 

Chillin Light 

A short but kick-ass Chill flow with Jim Mabes. Open up the lower back, shoulders and hamstrings in this one. 

Low Blow, Easy Flow 

A great beginner workout based around the opening sequence to most DDPY workouts. Focusing on Catcher, Plank, Push ups and Broken Table. No Lunges. 

Alligator Planks 

Some more fun around Alligator and its challenging variations. Closing out with a one minute plank. 

Super Body Flow 

A straight forward flow to work the whole body in a short amount of time. 

Get Strong with G-Money 

A strength building workout featuring Road Warriors, Broken Table, Broken Airplane, Side Planks, and Core. 

Gator Sphinx Mania 

Part 2 of this series. Adding in some Gator variations to build strength, like Sphinx Push Ups and Gator Crunches. 

Total Body in 30 

A spinal realignment from the Iron Yoga Doc himself. 30 minutes to stretch out the tension in your shoulders and upper back. 

Y.D. Gets Weird 

A workout based around the Road Warriors, some interesting transitions make for a new flow. Ending with deep hip and hamstring work. 

Core Cracker 

Christina takes you through a challenging workout that will have your core shaking by the end. 

Lunge, Kick n Burn 

Knee Droppers, Deep Twisting Lunge, Round House Kick, DR Chin Ups and Wrap 7 Burn make an appearance in this advanced workout. 

Slow Burn & Exploding 

Great opening sequence using a series of lowering-only push ups to get your chest and core pumped. A unique exploding lunge sequence to challenge your balance. 

Shoulder Burn 

A fantastic short but challenging workout based around shoulder strength.

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