Movie Review: The Resurrection of Jake the Snake

The Resurrection of Jake the Snake is one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen, and it’s easily my favorite. I’ve watched it several times and it still makes me cry. That’s how powerful it is — I know what’s coming, yet the tears always flow. This riveting cinematic experience chronicles professional wrestling legend and founder of DDP Yoga Diamond Dallas Page helping his mentor, friend, and fellow wrestling luminary, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, topple addiction over the course of 18 months. It’s a perilous journey with disheartening lows and unimaginable highs. What I love most about The Resurrection of Jake The Snake is how it perfectly captures the triumph of the human spirit. Not only does DDP inspire Jake to turn his life around, he also gets Scott Hall — another one of pro wrestling’s ticking time bombs — to move in with them at the Accountability Crib so he can also transform his life for the better. Keep in mind that these are the two pro wrestlers that people thought were going to wind up dead at any given moment. Both of these men are friends who helped Dallas get his big break, and he never forgot what they did for him. Rather than have their lives cut short by self-destructive behavior, DDP stuck out a hand and helped Jake and Scott rise above the maelstrom of sadness and pain their lives had become so they could achieve their full potential and find true happiness.

Beyond being an amazing story that’s documented to perfection through this film, there are several additional reasons why The Resurrection of Jake the Snake is so important to me. First, it culminates with Jake and Scott’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame at WrestleMania XXX. I was in the crowd that night in New Orleans, cheering on Jake, Scott, and DDP. Five years later, I stayed at Diamond Dallas Page’s Accountability Crib for a week. I arrived the day of WrestleMania 35, only to find out that my housemate for the week was going to be Jake “The Snake” Roberts. How incredible is that?! Almost five years to the day that Jake got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and here we were staying in the house where his amazing transformation took place. A few months prior, I befriended DDP and the three of us had the opportunity to hang out together at the house. That week with Jake was incredibly special for me, and I made it a point to watch his documentary during my stay. I also told Jake how his story and that documentary had a huge impact on people fighting addiction. Jake said that that’s a big reason why he won’t slip up again. He doesn’t want to let down the millions of people he’s inspired along the way.

The Resurrection of Jake the Snake is a documentary everyone must watch and own. Whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, you will be inspired and in awe of the transformation that takes place. It’s evidence that love, passion, and a tireless work ethic can make dreams come true. It’s a tale of friendship and triumph that not only inspires me, but it reminds me of my personal experiences with the men in this film and how they’ve had a profound effect on my life. The Resurrection of Jake the Snake is an important reminder of what a person can accomplish by simply saying, “I can.”

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